Ally joined Rotary to meet new people and be a part of an organisation with strong ties to the local community while also making a difference around the world
Zhiyong joined Rotary to work with friendly, passionate people to contribute to the local community and abroad. Besides, there is lots of fun in volunteering & interacting
Jenny (below, left) says "I wanted a volunteer organisation that would allow me to support a variety of service activities locally, knowing that the fundraising would help people not just locally but all around the world.  Rotary does just that for me".
Patty (below, right) believes Rotary is about friendship and community.  She joined Rotary to meet friendly people who want to make a change in the community for the better.
David wanted to return to the Rotary community after benefiting from its youth programs, including an exchange to Brazil.  He regrets that people don't always understand how involved Rotary is in the community.
Jenni says "It connects me to my community and allows me to contribute to humanity in a way that is above the ups and downs of everyday life".
Heather is committed to working for the community alongside family and friends AND enjoying social interaction, opportunities amply provided by our club!
Mark joined Rotary because he saw the great work it is doing in the community and wanted to be part of that, and to learn more about local needs and programs.  Mark is particularly interested in the work of Rotary International and the campaign to end polio. 
Rosemary (on camel at left) says 'What is NOT to love about Rotary? It is a supportive second family and provides fantastic developmental and creative opportunities to make a difference wherever your passion lies - ridding the world of polio, strengthening families and communities in poorer countries, building networks and friendships locally'. 
Darren joined Rotary to give back to his local community, in particular by focusing on youth